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Services Offered by Floor City USA


Whether you are involved in a major home renovation, building a new home, or would like to tile that outside BBQ station, there will be many decisions you'll have to make. For many, this may seem like quite the daunting challenge--particularly if it's their first such undertaking. We know it can appear insurmountable; but it doesn't have to be.

At Floor City USA, chances are pretty good that we've experienced numerous projects similar to yours over the years. We have thousands and thousands of satisfied and loyal customers. In business, there's nothing better. However, doing things right, putting experience to work, informing rather than misinforming, and securing the trust of our customers will continue to enable us to look at each (potentially) new customer and project, not as a ho-hum perfunctory replication of previous efforts, but rather as another unique opportunity to prove our commitment and sincerity when we say: Relax, We'll Take Care of You!


We at Floor City USA realize that most of our customers are not flooring experts or accomplished interior designers. Honestly, many people have no idea where to begin when considering investing in a new floor, backsplash, shower, tub surround, countertops, fireplace, patio, etc. And, people don't want to enter a flooring store showing how little they know.

Many questions and concerns will surface. This is great; it shows you are conscientious about your investment and want to receive real value for it. We expect and welcome your questions. Before you come to the store, write your questions down and present them to us. We will happily share as much information as we can to ensure our customers are making the right choices. We want you to be totally informed--not misinformed.

Providing reliable, factual information to assist the customer in making sound decisions is inextricably woven into Floor City USA's outstanding customer service. Obviously, we know we will not get all the sales. But, we will continue to feel really good and proud about the way we consistently conduct business, knowing we've provided the customer with useable and correct information.


So, after avidly watching various home improvement programs, you decide you'd like to make some upgrades to your home. On TV it looks so easy, and it usually is--until it's your own project. How does one know what pattern, design, material, etc. to use that would be most aesthetically pleasing for you and your situation? Sure, many people can color-coordinate, but, most people are not designers. This is where Floor City USA will step in and provide you with one-on-one service. We've designed and installed thousands of absolutely beautiful projects and we'll happily assist you as well. We get a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride turning a customer's desires into reality. But, the real thrill comes from having happily satisfied yet another customer.


Just as most customers are not flooring experts, most are also not installers. Customers must feel comfortable allowing "strangers" into their homes. For this reason, Floor City USA takes great care in screening and selecting its independent contractors (IC) to accomplish professional installations.

ICs must offer nothing less than outstanding customer service. This means, at a minimum, adhering to the following minimum requirements.

ICs must:
Never overcharge customers.
Be on time. Call and inform the customer if running late.
Maintain the highest level of professionalism on the job.
Never lose their tempers or argue with customers. If there is a problem, contact Floor City USA immediately.
Offer a 1 year workmanship warranty.
Respond to "Call Backs" within 24 hours. This does not mean that the IC must be on the job and/or correct the problem within 24 hours. The IC's simply must call the customer back within 24 hours and make arrangements to correct the problem within a suitable time frame agree upon by the customer.
Thoroughly clean up their messes and, to the greatedt extent possible, leavre the customer's home and yard in the same condition as prior to the installation. Should the customer inform Floor City USA that the IC left the place a mess, the IC will be responsible for returning to the site and correcting the problem to the customer's satisfaction (always within reason) within 24 hours.

Floor City USA uses ICs because they are professional, experienced, licensed and insured installers. This does not mean that they are perfect; they are people, too. However, having happy customers is of the utmost importance. IC's who do not adhere to the above minimum requirements will not be used. Feedback from the customers regarding the IC's performance and conduct is paramount in determining whether or not the IC remains on Floor City USA's list. We are serious!

Relax, We'll Take Care of You!